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Mattress cleaning in Melbourne

It’s often said that Melbourne’s weather can be four seasons in one day. But despite this regular changing of the weather in Melbourne, there is one constant that can remain in your bedroom unless something is done about it.

Out of sight, out of mind

We sleep on it. We relax on it. And though we change the sheets and the bedding, we rarely give its cleanliness a second thought. But our mattresses can quickly become breeding grounds for mould, viruses and dust mites – tiny creatures that can cause allergic reactions and trigger illnesses.

Just as vacuuming the carpets and disinfecting the bathroom is a vital step in cleaning our homes, so should be the regular vacuuming and disinfecting of our mattresses. The mix of temperatures and weather conditions in Melbourne could encourage the breeding of dust mites in your mattress.

To protect yourself from infestation and to encourage good health, it’s vital to make sure your mattress gets a thorough clean.

Cleaning your mattress helps ensure good health

MattressKleen is one of the top practitioners of mattress cleaning in Melbourne. We use a comprehensive three-step process that gets rid of dust mites, mould and viruses as well as eliminating the conditions in your mattress that foster them.

The MattressKleen system sees the deployment of advanced portable equipment that shakes and vibrates the mattress to loosen up all of the foreign objects that can become trapped inside. A powerful vacuum then removes the dirt, dead skin, mites and their excrement.

High power UVC lamps are then used that can kill viruses, bacteria, mould spores and any other living organisms. Finally, a non-toxic anti-bacterial deodorising spray is then applied as the third and final step.

MattressKleen gets rid of dust mites

Many other companies that offer mattress cleaning in Melbourne may only use the UVC lamps, killing the mites but leaving all the other objects inside the mattress, leaving it vulnerable for another infestation.

Only MattressKleen gets rid of the whole problem, killing the dust mites and completely removing the conditions that allow them to thrive.

Call today for mattress cleaning in Melbourne

MattressKleen is available for call-outs to any address in Melbourne and the city’s surrounds. In addition to cleaning mattresses, we can also assist with removing urine and other body fluid stains, as well as hygienically cleaning pillows, sofas and rugs.

So if you need mattress cleaning in Melbourne, contact MattressKleen now!