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Mattress cleaning on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for its idyllic beaches, hard working lifestyle and those long summer nights where sleep comes easy.

But the place where you spend the most time relaxing on the Gold Coast – your mattress – could be hiding some nasty surprises.

Even as we sleep, our bodies perspire and shed dead skin. To keep your bed clean, you can change your sheets regularly, but some of this dirt works its way into the mattress – and it builds up quickly, creating a breeding zone for mould spores, fungi, viruses and dust mites.

The dust mites eat the dead skin and excrete into the cushioning of the mattress. This raises the risk of getting an allergic reaction or an illness from the mattress you sleep on every night. But there is a way to change things for the better…

Take MattressKleen’s Black Cloth Challenge!

MattressKleen is a leading provider of advanced mattress cleaning on the Gold Coast. We use world-class portable cleaning equipment to clean and protect mattresses of all shapes and sizes from dust mites, mould and viruses.

But don’t just take our word for it – let us show you with our Black Cloth Challenge:

We’re offering FREE appointments to come to your home and give a mattress of your choice a once over with our powerful cleaning equipment – with a black cloth attached to the filter.

We’ll open up the cloth and show you what’s inside – and you may be shocked!

MattressKleen’s cleaning power

The MattressKleen System uses three powerful stages to make sure your mattress is hygienically clean and made safer for you to sleep on, free from dust mites and dirt.

The first stage sees powerful vacuum equipment vibrate the mattress and then suck up all of the loosened dead skin, mites and their excrement. Next, we deploy powerful UVC lamps to assist in eliminating viruses, bacteria, mould spores and any other living organisms.

The final stage is a non-toxic deodorising spray that puts the finishing touch on a clean mattress that’s hygienically clean just like new.

A clean mattress is a healthy mattress

Mattress cleaning on the Gold Coast should be a vital part of keeping your household clean.

MattressKleen’s expert service will assist in eliminating the dirt, dead skin and other bodily fluids that can seep deeply into your mattress – and our free Black Cloth Challenge will show you.

To book your FREE Black Cloth Challenge, just call us today and we’ll show you how MattressKleen can improve your night’s sleep.