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The Economist Intelligence Unit  rates Adelaide as one of the world’s Top 10 Most Liveable Cities  – and it’s no wonder. Nestled between the verdant Barossa Valley and the waters of Gulf St Vincent, Adelaide is a great place to make a home. But there’s something else nestled between the folds of mattresses in local homes that could cause Adelaideans some concern.

Your mattress may be infested with dust mites

We clean our houses top to bottom and change bedding regularly. But more often than not, our mattresses almost never get cleaned, and that can cause lots of problems.

Every time we sleep our bodies shed dead skin, which can make its way into the mattresses we rely on for a good night’s sleep. This dead skin can form a perfect breeding ground for viruses, mould spores and fungi, right underneath us.

Worst of all, dead human skin is also the favourite food of the dust mite – tiny creatures that breed quickly and cause lots of health problems. Their excrement – held within your mattress – could cause allergic reactions like skin eczema and hay fever while triggering conditions like asthma.

MattressKleen has the answer

The solution is to have the mattress thoroughly cleaned – and the best in the business is MattressKleen, who specialise in cleaning and disinfecting mattresses anywhere in Adelaide. MattressKleen can also assist with removing urine and other body fluid stains, as well as hygienically cleaning pillows, rugs and sofas.

At MattressKleen, we use a comprehensive three-step process that eliminates dust mites thoroughly and ensures your mattress is clean and safe.

MattressKleen’s three-step mattress cleaning

  1. Using world-class portable equipment, our MattressKleen system first vibrates the mattress to loosen any foreign objects and allow a powerful vacuum to suck up all of the dead skin, mites and their excrement.
  2. We then switch on powerful UVC lamps that can kill viruses, bacteria, mould spores and any other living organisms within the mattress.
  3. To finish it all off, we then coat the mattress with a non-toxic anti-bacterial deodorising spray. This safeguards the mattress and leaves it feeling fresh and comfortable.

Call today for mattress cleaning Adelaide

This three-step process makes MattressKleen the leader in the field. Many other companies only use the UVC lamps and don’t remove the dirt from the mattress. Only MattressKleen totally removes all of the dirt and foreign material that can cause heath problems and gets rid of the source of the problem. So if you need mattress cleaning in Adelaide, call us MattressKleen today.