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Without doubt the dirtiest item in your accommodation is the mattress

A statement that may make you feel uncomfortable but we can verify that with a demonstration taking just 10 minutes of your time. We do a simple test on your mattress showing infestation of dust mite, their excrement (which is what people react to) and dead skin flakes that reside in the mattress. In fact our process leaves the mattress as fresh as the day it was purchased.

Let me introduce you to MattressKleen. We are the only national mattress sanitising service with franchised operators in every state and shortly, New Zealand.

The only sure way to sanitise your mattresses

MattressKleen are leaders in the superior dry and non toxic method of mattress treatment to the accommodation industry. We don’t believe in putting moisture in a mattress or relying only on UVC as it cannot kill the protein guanine in dust mite excrement – which is what people react to and can cause a lifelong allergy.

The principal of cleaning and sanitising a mattress is simple: Extraction. You take out what is harmful and doesn’t belong. There is only one method to perform that successfully: The MattressKleen System. Our system has the right balance. It incorporates the world’s most powerful agitating vacuum unit and coupled with UVC light plus an anti-bacterial/deodoriser, ensures the mattress is in a hygienic state and the bed can be made up in minutes.

Some of the benefits that the MattressKleen system can provide…

  • Lower your operating cost by extending the life of your mattress
  • Keeps you abreast of the competition – competitive advantage
  • Substantial health benefits by killing and removing mite excrement
  • Deodorises and can remove cigarette smoke from the mattress
  • Dry Cleaning and non-toxic – beds can be made up in within a short period
  • Prioritise the health of your guests and display information provided
  • Apply a unique spray for protection from dust mite, bacteria, virus and mould
  • Ability to check and advise on bed bug infestation
  • We also have a special treatment for body fluid stains


We do not advocate the use of STEAM on a mattress. Manufacturers warn against any moisture. Steam can degrade memory foam, may void warranty, wet the mattress causing mould and shrinkage. Most carpet cleaners use the vacuum they clean the carpets with, which is largely ineffective for a mattress, even with a ‘power head’.

The MattressKleen system is ideally suited for Hotels, Motels, Apartments under management, retirement villages, hospices, boarding schools, defence, cruise ships, correctional facilities and training academies.
In considering our system, please note that it is both a positive health benefit for your guests as well as providing you with a genuine marketing advantage.

For only a few cents a day, you can offer a new standard of hygiene in your accommodation demonstrating to your guests how much you care about their welfare. Having the mattresses cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis will not only keep you ahead of your competition, it can also extend the life of your mattresses.

We believe that when a guest is aware that the accommodation of their choice sanitises their mattresses on a regular basis, their perception is that everything in the accommodation regarding cleanliness and hygiene is first class.

MattressKleen is Australian owned. Our system is superior and is used by the premier mattress cleaning businesses globally. It kills the dust mites found in all mattresses using the world’s most powerful agitating vacuum system coupled with UVC light, which then removes them, along with their excrement and the dead skin everyone sheds.

The service is completed with a sanitising anti-bacterial spray that kills any remaining , mould spores, viruses and bacteria – and also neutralises odour. The bed can be made within minutes of the service being completed.

Notably, the system is dry and doesn’t have the negative issues that are associated with steam. We use the only safe, efficient and effective way to clean and sanitise a mattress. We recommend a mattress service every 6 to 8 months.

Our competitors may offer steam cleaning by way of carpet cleaners: beware of STEAM on a mattress. Another method touted is UVC in the form of a large light bank moved across the mattress. This will sanitise the surface only, importantly, it will not extract the matter from the mattress and will not provide any residual lasting protection.

Because the benefits of the service are not apparent to your guests just by looking at the bed, we offer you some communication tools to assist in highlighting the hotel’s commitment to guest health and hygiene. These include digital files for a tent card, framed certificate, web site notice and a compendium sheet.

An interesting statistic is that 40% of Australians have an allergy and the greater part of that group are allergic to dust mites. The remaining 60% can catch a lifelong allergy from exposure to dust mite excrement.

We comply with your housekeeping management as to access times and work schedules for convenience and efficiency of both parties. The technician/s assigned to your hotel will be in uniform at all times and where appropriate wear PPE.

Click here to contact your nearest MattressKleen operator. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our services to you.