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Mattresskleen is the national leader in mattress health

The MattressKleen franchise opportunity is a unique, profitable, proven, easily operated, home based cash business with huge potential. Its low entry cost, coupled with experienced management make this a compelling story well worthy of your evaluation. Mattress cleaning has a high level of repeat work and little or no competition in the ever expanding health and home services industry.

Our goal is to be the largest, most profitable Mattress Cleaning business in Australia

The MattressKleen system offers you the attraction of joining an experienced professional team in the growing health and home service market as a fully independent operator. MattressKleen is Australian grown and operated, we conduct our business with integrity and honesty, working with you to provide the best possible tools for success.

The MattressKleen upfront investment cost is from $22,500 + gst (depending on your circumstances gst is claimable). You can be licensed to operate our franchise system with the freedom to run your own business with exclusive territory protection coupled with our strong support criteria.

How our system works

The scientifically proven system of cleaning and sanitising a mattress is natural, and non-toxic. Dust mites, their excrement and dead skin flakes are effectively removed by a high powered pulsating vacuum unit, simultaneously; a UVC (germicide) light that can kill dust mites, virus, bacteria, mould spores and anything else that might be residing in the mattress. Importantly, we can apply a light finishing spray, unique to MattressKleen.

Appealing Business fundamentals

Rarely can you find a business that is unique, an extremely effective service, small investment, plus the flexibility to operate as full time or part time. You don’t have to be a salesman and it makes little difference what you have done before, except you need to enjoy working with people. Young or old – male or female, it is also rewarding providing a health benefit – and your clients will sincerely thank you for that. As brand recognition grows so will the number of successful franchisees and consequently your investment.

Existing businesses

Cleaning contractors, carpet cleaners, duct cleaning, pest controllers and other health and home service organisations will find MattressKleen an ideal profitable addition. To assist, we have invaluable marketing aids to make it easy for you to appeal to your existing and new clientele.

Some of the benefits of your MattressKleen investment
  • State of the art equipment
  • Little or no competition
  • Huge potential
  • Easily operated – male or female
  • Mattress service is not price sensitive
  • Strong repeat business
  • Low entry price
  • Cash based business
  • Unique specialty spray product
  • Business can be run from home
  • Virtually no running costs
  • Opportunity as referral based business
  • Unique process – easy to create work
  • No weekend work necessary
  • Part of the burgeoning Health Industry
  • No special vehicle required

Customer Appeal

So how do you show people how contaminated their mattress is? Easy – offer them a free test, which takes just a few minutes. The moment they see the disgusting debris that is in every mattress you will be asked to complete the mattress service. Soon, you will be doing all the mattresses in their house on a regular basis and making appointments with their friends and relatives.


There is little competition, open the Yellow Pages or search your area under ‘mattress cleaning’ and look at your competition, your ground floor opportunity is here and now. Build an asset, have the freedom to operate at your own pace without competitive stresses and create a lifestyle.

Be mindful of some less credible start ups and carpet cleaners who wish to discredit our process. The steam process offered by carpet cleaners is detrimental to mattresses and is not advisable. Note that the most important aspect of sanitising the mattress is extraction. Removing dust mite excrement is paramount and the only way to do that effectively and efficiently is with the world’s most powerful agitating vacuum unit. It is the only machine capable of this important dry process. Coupled with our multi UVC light system we have the best mix of high frequency vibration, weight, vacuum power and UVC radiation.

Domestic Market

The domestic potential is huge, there are over 20 million people living in Australia and most naturally sleep on a mattress. Even if you just isolate Asthmatics, which make up an ever increasing 10% of the population – 80% of them react to the allergen Guanine in dust mite excrement – that alone equates to a huge customer base. In fact, it has been calculated that up to 6 million Australians react to the dust mite allergen and 90% of household dust mites reside in the mattress.

The domestic market for us, is largely referral based. For every first up appointment we do our black cloth mattress test which only takes a couple of minutes. This is our WOW factor and proof of our process providing excellent repeat work and importantly, referrals to family and friends. We have a suite of leave-behinds, vouchers and rewards programmes that make it easy to generate referrals.

Commercial Market

A lucrative opportunity just waiting to happen. Some of the commercial facilities that the MattressKleen system can provide a higher standard in hygiene are … Hotels, Motels, Apartments under management, Retirement Villages, Boarding Schools, Pre Schools, Cruise ships, Defence Forces, Marinas, Correctional Facilities, Backpackers and B&B accommodation.

If guests are aware the accommodation is doing something special with regard to hygiene by sanitising their mattresses, their perception of room hygiene will be first class.

Utilising the MattressKleen service will enable the management to lower their operating costs by extending the life of their mattress and keep them ahead of the competition. Also, they can attract guests with their own marketing of the MattressKleen benefits.

The enemy – dust mites

Dust mites have no natural predator, their life cycle is on average 150 days, they live mainly off our dead skin flakes which we deposit at the rate of half a gram a day, together with half a litre of sweat and then warm it all up for them. They excrete almost twice their body weight every day. It’s their excrement containing a chemical Guanine that we react to.

Dust mites are microscopic, when we turn on the mattress it acts like a bellows and puffs up particles containing Guanine which easily passes through protectors and bedding to land on our face and skin, this is a major trigger for a host of allergic reactions. Recent studies published in Fairfax press have shown that up to 40% of Australians have an allergy and the majority of these people react to dust mites.

What you receive as a MattressKleen Franchisee

A licence to operate a MattressKleen business in an exclusive territory

  • Machine package and accessories
  • Consumerables
  • Comprehensive Operating Manual
  • Cost effective referral strategies
  • Ability to tap into MattressKleen support and experience
  • Initial training
  • CD/DVD with advertising images and all logos, fonts and stationery templates
  • Leads from our office, web site, 1300 number
  • Professional short sales video for you to use
  • All the marketing aids you could possibly utilise, including commercial, domestic brochures, ads, letter box stuffers, tent cards and fridge magnet provided electronically

What do I do next?

MattressKleen provides all the tools to build your business and ultimately your lifestyle, why not discuss with us now! Call Peter on 0410 454 762 or send us an email