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MattressKleen’s Black Cloth Challenge

You cover it in crisp, freshly laundered sheets and lay down in its soft folds for a good night’s sleep.

But what lies beneath inside your mattress may shock you – even if you keep the cleanest house possible.

Every day our bodies shed dead skin and perspiration that settles deep into the mattress, creating a perfect breeding ground for mould spores, fungi, viruses and dust mites.

The dust mites feed on this dead skin and excrete into the mattress, raising the risk of severe allergic reactions like hay fever, skin eczema and conditions like asthma.

No matter how clean your mattress looks, it can often be the dirtiest place in your home.

Take MattressKleen’s Black Cloth Challenge!

MattressKleen is one of Australia’s leading practitioners of mattress cleaning, using world-class portable cleaning equipment to sanitise mattresses top to bottom.

To see the amazing cleaning results first hand, MattressKleen’s Black Cloth Challenge will show you just a fraction of the muck that could be lurking in your mattress.

MattressKleen is offering a FREE appointment to give a mattress of your choice a quick once over – with a black cloth attached to filter of the cleaning equipment. MattressKleen’s technician will then open up the cloth and reveal what’s inside.

The Black Cloth Challenge will show you what you’ve been sleeping on – it may shock you!

MattressKleen’s cleaning power

The MattressKleen System employs three powerful steps to clean your mattress and eliminate the conditions that foster dust mites and other illness causing microbes and bacteria.

First, powerful vacuum equipment vibrates the mattress to loosen up all of the dead skin, mites and their excrement. The unhygienic material is then extracted into our safe, HEPA filter bags.

Next, UVC lamps are deployed to sanitise the mattress, eliminating viruses, bacteria  and mould spores.

Finally, a non-toxic deodorising spray is applied, giving added protection and cleanliness, leaving your mattress hygienically clean.

MattressKleen’s prevention is the best cure.

A clean mattress is a healthy mattress

By eliminating the dirt, dead skin and other bodily fluids that can spread deep into its folds, MattressKleen assists you and your family to have a better night’s sleep, free from the risk of illness from mould, fungi and bacteria.

Take MattressKleen’s Black Cloth Challenge and see the results for yourself. We’ll show you what you’ve been sleeping on – and how MattressKleen can make it better!

To book your FREE appointment, simply click here to contact the MattressKleen operator in your area.