The Mattresskleen System kills and removes
dust mites, their excrement and your dead
skin leaving your mattress hygienically clean.
Manufacturers warn against the use of steam
on mattresses as it provides moisture and
can cause mould and degrade memory foam.
MattressKleen is the dry non toxic solution.
There are at least 1 million dust mites in
your mattress eating your dead skin. As you
roll in bed at night their excrement is breathed
in, causing allergies and allergic attacks.
No matter how house proud you are, your
mattress is a toxic breeding ground. Now you
can sanitise, deodorise and protect against
allergies in a healthy sleeping environment.
The safest, most professional mattress sanitising method you’ll ever see or your money back!
Healthy allergy free
sleep environment
Proven unique protection
for the family

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*SCIENTIFIC FACT: Dust mites excrete microscopic faecal pellets that can become airborne and contain potent allergens known to trigger and possibly cause allergic disease such as Asthma, Eczema, Rhinitis etc.*
* World Health Organisation – Public Health Significance of Urban Peats. 2008